Cross-architecture package installs

Tim Kientzle tim at
Wed Feb 13 05:55:46 UTC 2013

>>> I'm working on tools to build ARM system images.
>>> Usually, these tools run on x86, which creates a problem
>>> for packages.
>>> 1) Pre-install/post-install scripts.
>>>   These obviously don't work since the DESTDIR
>>>   is for a different architecture.
>> This is imho the main problem, and one of the long term goal of pkgng is to remove as much as possible any pre-instal/post-install scripts.

Well, you're very close to having this work:

The easiest approach I've found is to setup a simple
static webserver, use "pkg repo" to build the catalogue,

    echo "Installing packages"
    export PACKAGESITE
    pkg -c $DESTDIR update
    pkg -c $DESTDIR install -y pkg
    pkg -c $DESTDIR upgrade
    pkg -c $DESTDIR install -y emacs-nox11

The only piece missing is that the POST-INSTALL
scripts are failing.

For the packages I'm using, it would be enough to provide
symlink support in the +MANIFEST file directly.  For other
packages, something like the "after next boot fixup" that
I outlined earlier would work.

But this is very, very close.  This is a big step forward
for non-x86 FreeBSD.

Kudos to the pkgng team!


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