Gabor Kovesdan gabor at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jan 5 23:17:44 UTC 2012

On 2012.01.05. 21:04, O. Hartmann wrote:
> In FreeBSD 9 and 10, src.conf could be populated with those two knobs
> and
> For some testing purposes, I switched them both to "enabled", so I could
> test ports and software against these.
> I didn't realize any serious issue with WITH_BSD_GREP, but I read, some
> time ago, that bsdggrep does have some speed issues. What is the actual
> status of bsdgrep in FreeBSD?
Yes, BSD grep has significant performance problems. It is quite a 
complex issue because GNU grep uses some shortcuts to speed up pattern 
matching. I don't want to put that in BSD grep because that does not 
seem correct to me. Such code belongs to the regex library. Not just 
logically but practically, as well, so that other dependencies can also 
benefit from a faster pattern matching. However, it cannot be done with 
the POSIX-compliant API so it requires some extensions. From the last 
GSoC, there is an ongoing work on this but currently, I'm having exams 
at the university. I hope I can finish it after my exams.
> Another story seems to be with WITH_ICONV. I didn't realize problems
> until I had harsh faults compiling port lang/gcc46 which tend to fail in
> a Makefile when WITH_ICONV is enabled. But at that point the issue the
> first time occured, I hadn't deinstalled port converters/libiconv so I
> can not say whether those issues came due to confusions. But it seems to
> tend to confusions having remnants of WITH_iconv installation when
> disabling the build by deleting or commenting out WITH_ICONV.
> What is the status of WITH_ICONV?
> The ports seem still to rely on the port libiconv when being built.
BSD iconv works quite well in some cases but there are some problems on 
my TODO list, so I preferred to leave it off by default until they are 


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