make release: doesn't work for me, getting recursive looping

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Sat Jun 18 10:15:08 UTC 2011

Try to build a cdrom from most recent CURRENT/amd64 sources.

Issuing the follwing command fails the build process looping recursively 
and indefinitely within the source folder /usr/src/release:

  make release cdrom CHROOTDIR=/unused/release/9.0/ SVNROOT/usr/src 

The chrooted folder is empty and as the doc says, it should be the 
location where the release should be build. Since I do not use CVS 
anymore, but SVN, I use SVNROOT instead of CVSROOT to point to the 
location of the sources.

What's wrong in the picture? Am I misunderstanding something or is the 
build proxess broken?



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