More if_ath churn coming your way!

Ian FREISLICH ianf at
Sun Jan 23 05:55:51 UTC 2011

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> I haven't changed anything on the AR9285 codebase that would account
> for the above.

That maybe.  The visible difference in behaviour is that when there's
no traffic, the reported rate drops to 1Mbps.  As soon as there's
traffic it jumps to 54Mbps.

> Something to keep in mind with the AR9280/AR9285 support is that I've
> seen it be -very- unpredictable - sometimes it's reliable off the bat,
> sometimes it's not. You have to repeat it a few times to verify that
> you've actually seen a change.

So far, I've had instances where it's stopped transmitting or
recieving.  It claims to remain associated, but restarting the wlan
interface fails to reestablish the association and a list scan is
empty.  It only seems to happen when the laptop is running on battery.


Ian Freislich

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