Soekris net5501-70 problem with loading ATA modules onFreeBSD-Current

Marek Salwerowicz marek_sal at
Sat Jan 15 22:57:24 UTC 2011

> I think these errors caused by devices created for legacy ISA
> compatibility via device hints. Go to device.hints and remove all ATA
> stuff from there to force ATA to be detected only via PCI.
> Another problem I see here with module load order. Loading atapci before
> ataadm will make generic driver attach to controller, not specific one.
> Unluckily loading in different order won't help, I think, because ataamd
> depends on atapci and will load it automatically.


we have commented these lines in device.hints:

> #hint.ata.0.port="0x1F0"
> #hint.ata.0.irq="14"
> #hint.ata.1.port="0x170"
> #hint.ata.1.irq="15"

and now there are no errors in dmesg,


1. ataamd doesn't load automatically atapci.ko, so I kept the order.
2. after loading modules and 
# atacontrol detach ata0
# atacontrol attach ata0

I can't still see my CF connected to net5501.

Is it possible to load dynamically modules or do they have to be compiled in kernel... ?

Marek Salwerowicz

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