howto: enabling journaling on softupdates

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Wed Aug 31 18:02:40 UTC 2011

On 08/31/11 19:56, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Hartmann, O.
> <ohartman at>  wrote:
>>    I try to find a suitable reading/howto for how to enable softupdates
>>    on
>>    UFS2 filesystems.
> Agreed. Added to .
Many thanks.

>> As I could see, SU+J is enlisted to be enabled by default in 9.0-RELEASE.
> Yes, it is on by default in bsdinstall (and I think in newfs? I could be wrong).

>>    What is the status quo of that? I've several active systems running
>>    UFS2 on their system disks while data/home/mass storage is ZFS.
>>    Are their any issue with SU+J?
> I haven't been tracking what's been going on, but several bugfixes
> have gone in in the last couple of months post-SUJ. There might be
> some bugs in the work, but most standard operations work out of the
> box for me at least.
> ...
>>    I hit was "-J", the option for enabling softupdate via GEOM gjournal.
> Yeah, it's confusing..
>>    Is there any special preparation to bring up an existing filesystem
>>    securely into
>>    journaling? As I read the blogs and emails in the list, it should be
>>    as simple
>>    as booting into single user mode, enabling on all partitions in
>>    question (even / ?)
> Yes.
>>    via -j softupdate-journaling, runing a foreground fsck, reboot ...
>>    that's it?
> If all goes well, that was the entire process IIRC.

To late ... ;-) I couldn't resist the temptation, shut down the box, 
reboot single user mode,
enabled "-j" (the lower letter `j' !!!), did a full fsck -y ... rebooted 
>>    Or is there any other additional preparation like mentioned in gjournal
>>    (async mount)?
> ENOCLUE (because I'm not aware of that with gjournal -- the last time
> I tried setting it up things didn't work too well for me) :).
>>    Thanks for patience and repsonding,
> Sure :)!
> -Garrett
> _____________

... and here I am again with SU+J on my box ;-)

Tomorrow, I will perform this step on all servers. I guess it's a "worth 


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