CLANG; still cc in use when building the WORLD with CLANG?

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Tue Aug 30 14:05:57 UTC 2011

On 08/30/11 15:14, Olivier Smedts wrote:
> 2011/8/30 Alex Kuster<vertex.symphony at>:
>> I would also recommend you to move the clang stuff for base system where it
>> belongs ( /etc/src.conf .. see src.conf(5)  ).
> > From
> Add the following lines to /etc/make.conf:
> .if !defined(CC) || ${CC} == "cc"
> CC=clang
> .endif
> .if !defined(CXX) || ${CXX} == "c++"
> CXX=clang++
> .endif
> .if !defined(CPP) || ${CPP} == "cpp"
> CPP=clang -E
> .endif
> # Don't die on warnings
> # Don't forget this when using Jails!
> So make.conf seems to be the good place.
But as the previous poster referred to, there was an issue with CURDIR 
settings which do not work
properly anymore. The suggestions from the WIKI set a global use of 
CLANG, even for ports, which I do not
want since many ports do not build properly or refuse to build when 
compiled with CLANG. And I don't
want to switch/edit /etc/make.conf everytime I build a world and then 
edit back when doing simple
daily/weekly port-upgrades.

For the ease of use, in such a case the whole CLANG YES or NO 
switches/knobs/stuff should really be
triggered only by /etc/src.conf, since this location intuitively 
suggests it is the right place (as my Emglish understanding
of the manpage of src.conf(5) is correct and this place is the place for 
the WORLD's stuff).


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