CLANG; still cc in use when building the WORLD with CLANG?

Olivier Smedts olivier at
Tue Aug 30 13:14:20 UTC 2011

2011/8/30 Alex Kuster <vertex.symphony at>:
> I would also recommend you to move the clang stuff for base system where it
> belongs ( /etc/src.conf .. see src.conf(5)  ).


Add the following lines to /etc/make.conf:

.if !defined(CC) || ${CC} == "cc"
.if !defined(CXX) || ${CXX} == "c++"
.if !defined(CPP) || ${CPP} == "cpp"
CPP=clang -E
# Don't die on warnings
# Don't forget this when using Jails!

So make.conf seems to be the good place.

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