PHORONIX: OpenCL, GLSL Back-End For LLVM May Soon Open Up

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Aug 29 12:12:55 UTC 2011

Hi, Post 18

This indicates the driver supports CUDA somehow. What's missing is a
FreeBSD runtime.

Can someone please do some legwork with this and see if it's possible
to bring the Linux CUDA SDK up in the linuxulator?


On 29 August 2011 18:13, Hartmann, O. <ohartman at> wrote:
> Hello out there.
> Just read this a day ago at Phoronix:
> I've also read that there is work done on the PTX assembly backend in LLVM
> for generation code for nVidia GPUs.
> I'm still grasping for the silky fathem having GPGPU on FreeBSD anyway like
> CUDA or OpenCL as the Linux and Windows
> fellows already have as well as the guys from OS X.
> Since nVidia offers 64bit ready BLOBs for their nice GPUs, I still hope that
> with LLVM, and maybe a proper OpenCL frontend like
> CLANG, FreeBSD users will have the chance to execute OpenCL code on a GPU.
> We use this stuff in science for now (and its done
> exclusiveley on Linux so far, since we use the CUDA SDK to generate OpenCL
> 1.1 code executed on TESLA and GTX570 graphics
> boards which give us impressive performance for our astrodynamical modelling
> ...).
> Sorry, if someone feels bothered by my repetitive bringing up this subject
> ... I still does not have lost all hope for FreeBSD.
> oh
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