PHORONIX: OpenCL, GLSL Back-End For LLVM May Soon Open Up

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Mon Aug 29 10:13:21 UTC 2011

Hello out there.
Just read this a day ago at Phoronix:

I've also read that there is work done on the PTX assembly backend in 
LLVM for generation code for nVidia GPUs.
I'm still grasping for the silky fathem having GPGPU on FreeBSD anyway 
like CUDA or OpenCL as the Linux and Windows
fellows already have as well as the guys from OS X.

Since nVidia offers 64bit ready BLOBs for their nice GPUs, I still hope 
that with LLVM, and maybe a proper OpenCL frontend like
CLANG, FreeBSD users will have the chance to execute OpenCL code on a 
GPU. We use this stuff in science for now (and its done
exclusiveley on Linux so far, since we use the CUDA SDK to generate 
OpenCL 1.1 code executed on TESLA and GTX570 graphics
boards which give us impressive performance for our astrodynamical 
modelling ...).

Sorry, if someone feels bothered by my repetitive bringing up this 
subject ... I still does not have lost all hope for FreeBSD.


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