Having a problem with security/libassuan-1 when compiling gnupg.

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Fri Jun 18 07:46:48 UTC 2010

On 01/-10/-28163 20:59, Doug Barton wrote:
> 3. kdepim4 My understanding is that the version currently under
> development has support for libassuan 2.0.0, and will be released in
> August. The kde@ folks have indicated that if there is a need to update
> it sooner they can most likely do that based on patches that are
> currently available.


>  > I am unsure what happens when some ports want v1 and others want v2.
>  > This may not be an issue if the updated ports can be deal with either
>  > API, but I have no idea whether that is the case.
> The current situation is that having both versions installed is
> incompatible. My preference would be that the maintainers of the
> affected ports upgrade to depend on assuan 2.0.0 and then we can remove
> libassuan-1. If it becomes necessary to support having both versions
> installed then "Plan C" at this point would be to modify libassuan-1 to
> support this.

I thought "Plan C" was a requirement -- and from your first mails, I 
thought this was planned.

deskutils/kdepim4 LIB_DEPENDS on libassuan-1 and gpgme. security/gpgme 
RUN_DEPENDS on gpg2. security/gnupg LIB_DEPENDS on assuan.0.

Hence, building deskutils/kdepim4, I need security/libassuan-1 and 
security/libassuan installed that list each other in CONFLICTS.

I have not actually tried to build deskutils/kdepim4 after the gnupg 
update, but is it not currently broken?

If that is correct, either kde@ has to patch deskutils/kdepim4 (which 
they do not plan from the discussion at that list) or you have to patch 
security/libassuan-1 (which you do not plan from your statement above). 
Will we have a deskutils/kdepim4 with 8.1-RELEASE?

Jan Henrik

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