Having a problem with security/libassuan-1 when compiling gnupg.

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 17 21:56:38 UTC 2010

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On 06/17/10 11:20, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> 2.0.0 should be the preferred version, but its API is incompatible with
> the old one. Many ports using libassuan (listed in UPDATING) have not
> been updated to support V2, so the libassuan-1 port was created.
> As soon as deskutils/kdepim4 and security/{dirmngr|gnupg|gpa|opensc} are
> updated, there will be a need to move to 2.0.0.

Well, I just made it a lot worse. :)  As Kevin points out here, the new 
version of libassuan is not compatible with the old. This decision on 
the part of the gnupg folks has its merits, but is unarguably 
inconvenient during the transition.

On May 11th I approached the authors of the ports that depend on 
libassuan asking about their plans for updating (minus ale@ 
unfortunately, opensc's dependency is conditional, thus I missed it 
until I grep'ed the tree instead of relying on INDEX). The status of the 
affected ports is as follows:
1. gnupg	Already handled because 2.0.15 required the update
2. dirmngr	They had an RC ready to go, which they released after I poked 
them a bit. :)

So these first 2 are now done.

3. kdepim4	My understanding is that the version currently under 
development has support for libassuan 2.0.0, and will be released in 
August. The kde@ folks have indicated that if there is a need to update 
it sooner they can most likely do that based on patches that are 
currently available.
4. gpa		The svn version supports assuan 2.0.0, but the release of this 
new version has not yet been scheduled.
5. opensc	ale@ has indicated that he would prefer to wait to update his 
port until a new version that supports assuan 2.0.0 is released.

 > I am unsure what happens when some ports want v1 and others want v2.
 > This may not be an issue if the updated ports can be deal with either
 > API, but I have no idea whether that is the case.

The current situation is that having both versions installed is 
incompatible. My preference would be that the maintainers of the 
affected ports upgrade to depend on assuan 2.0.0 and then we can remove 
libassuan-1. If it becomes necessary to support having both versions 
installed then "Plan C" at this point would be to modify libassuan-1 to 
support this.




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