How to disable CLANG & co build in buildworld?

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at
Fri Jun 11 20:08:03 UTC 2010

On 11.06.10 21:56, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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> : : Hello Andreas,
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> : : * Andreas Tobler<andreast-list at>  wrote:
> : :>  I have a sparc64 machine which is quite slow. And for my purpose I
> : :>  do not need CLANG etc. atm.
> : :
> : : Clang is not enabled on sparc64, so there is no need to disable
> : : anything. If you do want to disable Clang on i386, amd64, pc98 or
> : : powerpc, add WITHOUT_CLANG=yes to /etc/src.conf, as described in
> : : src.conf(5).
> :
> : Except that clang isn't quite disabled when cross-building, due to the
> : issue I pointed out when the commit went in wrt
> : MACHINE_ARCH is still amd64 until we start to build the sparc64
> : binaries, so anything in the bootstrapping part of the build will not
> : be disabled.  that's one of many reasons disabling things in
> : based on architecture is going to fail.
> And even if you add WITHOUT_CLANG to your src.conf, we still always
> build some of the clang infrastructure in the bootstrap tools
> phase...  But we have to do that to avoid getting not being able to
> build clang on an architecture that doesn't have it for an
> architecture that does.

I can confirm that. I just set up a build for powerpc with WITHOUT_CLANG 
and in the first building steps I saw this.

I don't care if it is only a few minutes of building time, but I 
disagree if it is going to be > 10 minutes/hours in case of multilib 
builds (32-bit libs and 64-bit libs) as it is on powerpc64. On powerpc64 
the WITHOUT_CLANG helped to avoid the build of the multilib.

I do not have anything against CLANG. I only want to be able to steer 
what I want.


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