[patch and review please] 64 CPU Support

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Mon Jul 26 15:01:54 UTC 2010

On Sunday, July 25, 2010 4:48:53 pm Sean Bruno wrote:
> Reposting from -stable.  
> Kind of a large patch, but in order to make an omlette, you need to
> break a few servers.
> This is a diff against -CURRENT, not stable-8 as I didn't get a chance
> to test it.  It is directly based off of changes that peter@ made to the
> Yahoo FreeBSD 7 tree.
> I have compile and boot tested this on my local machines, but I don't
> have 64 CPU machines to test upon.

I think IPI_AST in the first hunk should be using ipi_cpu().  I would perhaps 
tackle ipi_cpu() as a first step: introduce ipi_cpu() on both i386 and amd64 
(it should be ok to add a real version for i386 rather than the current macro, 
it should be a copy of the amd64 code).  Other folks can help with other 
architectures.  ipi_selected() should generally be a good clue as to how to 
implement ipi_cpu().

John Baldwin

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