amd64 panic snd_hda - hdac_get_capabilities: Invalid corb size (0)

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Mon Jul 26 13:24:55 UTC 2010

On amd64 r210496 I get this panic when booting a kernel
with snd_hda(4). I haven't used this driver before, so
can't say if this is a regression.

(copied by hand)

hdac0: <ATI SB600 High Definition Audion Controller> irq 16 at device 20.2 on pci0
hdac0: HDA Driver Revision: 20100226_0142
hdac0: [ITHREAD]
hdac0: hdac_get_capabilities: Invalid corb size (0)
device_attach: hdac0 attach returned 6
Slab at 0xffffff000261eb18, freei 3 = 0
panic: Duplicate free of item 0xffffff0002661c00 from zone 0xffffff00b7f9a500(1024)

cpuid = 0
KDB: enter: panic
[ thread pid 0 tid 100000 ]
Stopped at kdb_enter+0x3d: movq      $0,0x74f360(%rip)

(very long output.. ending in)

mi_startup() at mi_startup_0x59
btext() at btext+0x2c

Please advise

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