[CFT] ZFS v15 patch (version 3)

Eric Masson emss at free.fr
Sun Jul 18 21:41:50 UTC 2010

Ivan Voras <ivoras at freebsd.org> writes:

Hello Ivan,

> I'm not a Solaris guy but from
> http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Project+comstar/ it looks like
> COMSTAR does something similar to what FreeBSD's GEOM does now.


It seems to me that COMSTAR provides one functionality that GEOM misses,
a generic SCSI target with plugins for different transports.

It seems this overlaps with CAM.

Having the same level of functionality as OSol regarding iSCSI exports
of ZVols would be really nice.

I plan to deploy a storage server @home and OSol seems pretty desirable
in this area (native iSCSI for ZVols & smb for ZFS filesystems, all imho
nicely integrated).


Eric Masson

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