kmem_map too small: 3832475648 total allocated

Ollivier Robert roberto at
Thu Apr 29 21:43:34 UTC 2010

According to Tom Evans:
> Citation needed? I have a file server running amd64 8-STABLE with 4GB
> of RAM, 6 x 1.5 TB drives in raidz, and have never had any problems
> with memory usage. Are you saying that after my next update, adding
> another 6 x 1.5 TB drives, it will start being flaky and/or panicing
> with kmem_map too small errors?

I don't have the citation handy but it was on the opensolaris forum in the zfs community. I understand that this is FreeBSD we're speaking about but the figure comes from the fact that ZFS (and particularly the ARC cache) does take a lot of memory.

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