Malloc_init: Bad Malloc type Magic

Francis Provencher francisprov at
Fri Apr 16 01:23:30 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I have update my Freebsd Box to 8.0 last nigth. When i reboot it, i
received this error message.

Panic: malloc_init: bad malloc type magic

I can't anymore boot my box...

I try to make un upgrade with Freebsd 8.0 CDROM to correct the
situation, obviously that didnt work.

I re-install the whole / (with CDROM & Network ) on the box, that not
correct the situation...

Some one experiment this issue...

My Laptop work with Freebsd 7.2, but can't boot after a freebsd-update to 8.0

Thanks all for your help

PS; The box is a DELL Inspiron

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