ZFS raidz and 4k sector disks

Alexey Tarasov me at lexasoft.ru
Fri Apr 9 11:14:10 UTC 2010


I see considerably increased performance when creating over gnop -S 4096 virtual disk. Even when I create zpool over raw disks the performance is very bad and concurent writes stalls. When using gnop, zfs works VERY fast!

Btw, here is another discussion, may be there is a bug in a mav@ commit, because he has added support for >512 sector size:

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On 09.04.2010, at 12:28, Andriy Gapon wrote:

> on 08/04/2010 16:55 Alexey Tarasov said the following:
>> Hello.
>> I've tried all methods and realized that unfortunately the only working
>> method is gnop. So you can't use these disks for ZFS at all now.
> Why?  And what are you actually trying to do?
> My understanding was that even with 512-byte sectors ZFS still aligns its
> on-disk data with > 4K alignment.
> Do you see otherwise?  What problem do you have?
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> Andriy Gapon

Alexey Tarasov

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