Intel H55 and em0

Nathan Mates nathan.j.mates at
Thu Apr 1 17:02:23 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Thomas Gellekum <Thomas.Gellekum at> wrote:
> Jack Vogel <jfvogel at> wrote:
> > The device subfamily on those motherboards is called PCH, and its only in
> > the em driver as of
> > last December, The CVS delta of if_em is 1.27. You can either update to
> > If you wish to just pull the e1000 driver directory it should work fine in
> > 8.0 RELEASE also.
> 8-STABLE doesn't work for me. The ethernet device is not recognized, and I get warnings about interrupt storms on irq19 (atapci1), which I don't see with 8-RELEASE. That might be a matter of missing diagnostics in the release kernel (the numbers from 'vmstat -i' seem to suggest this).

Ditto. I have a Intel BOXDH55TC MB w/ a Core i3-530, 8GB RAM. Grabbed
RELENG_8 , which
says is stable.8. Compiled an amd64 GENERIC kernel. Could not
recognize the ethernet. Had to go to CURRENT to get it working.

Nathan Mates

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