Thomas Backman serenity at
Wed May 27 07:43:22 UTC 2009

On May 27, 2009, at 09:31 AM, Kip Macy wrote:

>> I ran into this crash (I think*) yesterday too, albeit in a (amd64)  
>> VM with
>> 768MB RAM.
>> However, I had set arc_min="30M" and arc_max="100M" so I expected  
>> it to
>> work, but
>> it crashed within 10-15 minutes of make -j4 buildworld. I changed  
>> the values
>> to 5 and 30M,
>> and so far (~30 minutes) no crash. The sources were from late May  
>> 21st,
>> currently building
>> rev. 192805 (since 192808 broke the build, at least on the  
>> tinderbox).
>> * "I think" because I went to check on it it the middle of the  
>> night, saw a
>> page fault in kernel mode
>> or whatever, and figured "damnit... well, I'll suspend the VM, turn  
>> the
>> laptop off and check in the morning".
>> I hit shutdown instead, so no backtrace or anything. D'oh!
> Can you try not setting the ARC?
> I haven't had any problems on my comparably sized VMs.
> -Kip

Uh oh, I think I replied to the wrong thread. After reading the PR in  
question, this doesn't appear to be the same problem that I'm having  
(which appears to be the ARC growing until it panics). Anyway, when  
the build is complete and all that (~2.5 hours to go, plus other stuff  
after that), I'll try again with no ARC settings, when I have the time.


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