Kip Macy kmacy at
Wed May 27 07:31:32 UTC 2009

> I ran into this crash (I think*) yesterday too, albeit in a (amd64) VM with
> 768MB RAM.
> However, I had set arc_min="30M" and arc_max="100M" so I expected it to
> work, but
> it crashed within 10-15 minutes of make -j4 buildworld. I changed the values
> to 5 and 30M,
> and so far (~30 minutes) no crash. The sources were from late May 21st,
> currently building
> rev. 192805 (since 192808 broke the build, at least on the tinderbox).
> * "I think" because I went to check on it it the middle of the night, saw a
> page fault in kernel mode
> or whatever, and figured "damnit... well, I'll suspend the VM, turn the
> laptop off and check in the morning".
> I hit shutdown instead, so no backtrace or anything. D'oh!

Can you try not setting the ARC?
I haven't had any problems on my comparably sized VMs.


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