ZFS Crash

Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Tue May 26 15:58:51 UTC 2009

On Tue, 26 May 2009, Florian Smeets wrote:

> On 26.05.09 14:04, Larry Rosenman wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 May 2009, Larry Rosenman wrote:
>>> On Mon, 25 May 2009, Larry Rosenman wrote:
>>>> after looking at the code, never mind the "don't call doadump", so we'll
>>>> get the textdump.
>>>> Thanks rwatson for the textdump stuff!
>>> Here is current stats before we crash. Does any of this look totally
>>> out of line?
>> It crashed again, but did *NOT* make it into ddb enough to do the textdump.
>> It was hung with the backtrace (looks like the same, but I couldn't
>> scroll the screen back).
>> Ideas?
>> I'm really concerned that there is a problem.
> Hi i guess I'm having a similar/the same problem. The panic looks the same, 
> and the trace is a little different, I've had a lot of these panics on this 
> machine, and the stack trace looked different quite often.
> The panic and show uma and show malloc can be found here: 
> http://webmail.solomo.de/~flo/panic.txt
> I have a coredump written to swap, but this panic is very easy to trigger and 
> it panics every time savecore runs... It is also easy to trigger this with a 
> buildworld -j5.
> This is a quadcore Xeon with a a slow SATA disk and only 1GB of mem. (It's 
> only a test machine, so i can test any suggestion.) This box used to run 
> stable with kmem max set to 768M.
> Anything i can do?
I've started running the below script every minute from cron.

If anyone wants to look at the data let me know (it's on a Resi DSL line, so
I don't want to run an http server).

I'm willing to give SSH accounts to @FreeBSD.org devs to look around.


DATE=`date +%Y%m%d.%H%M%S`
(echo "Uptime:";uptime;echo "vmstat -m:";vmstat -m
  echo "vmstat -z:";vmstat -z) >/home/ler/stats/${DATE}.stats
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