fdisk incompatibility between major versions

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Sun May 24 14:24:34 UTC 2009

    Due to a combination of my s
tupidity and external vents, a machine running -Current from late April 
will no longer boot.  Specifically, instead of the loader screen I get 
"Invaslid partition".
    Broke out the most recent fixit disk, which is from 7.1 (Jan 2009).
    Boots fine; fdisk finds the correct slice information; bsdlabel 
finds the right partition data; mount / and /usr under LiveFS
    So ... I'm guessing the problem in the boot code is corrupted, and 
if I do

     fdisk -B -b <path to -CURRENT boot blocks> da0

     However: when I do the second commit I get

     fdisk: Geom not found "da0"
     fdsk: failed to write sector 0

    This leads to the assumption there is a fundamental discrepancy 
between the two versions.  Not unreasonable, ans I know there have been 
changes in the code since 7.1.
    0) is the diagnosis correct, and will my proposed solution work
    1) if so, is there a way to convince the 7.1 fdisk to Do The Right 
     2) if not, what do I do next?

                               Robert Huff

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