HEADS UP: removing legacy RPC code from FreeBSD-current

Doug Rabson dfr at rabson.org
Sun May 24 13:29:16 UTC 2009

I will be removing the old implementation of sunrpc which is currently  
used with the NFS_LEGACYRPC kernel option. The new RPC code is easier  
to maintain and supports modern features such as GSS-API  
authentication. This will bring the number of RPC implementations in  
the kernel back down to one (I'm ignoring the one that is part of the  
NFS diskless support for now).

If you currently have NFS_LEGACYRPC in your kernel config, please  
remove it now and if you have problems with the new code, please  
report them here with as much detail as possible. My current plan is  
to remove the NFS_LEGACYRPC option in one weeks time.

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