Randy Bush randy at
Wed May 20 01:04:50 UTC 2009

as punishment, here is yet another email

so i have it all partitioned using fixit/dist.
  ad4p1 64k freebsd-boot
  ad4p2	64g freebsd-zfs (to use as zfs mirror)
  ad4p3 64g freebsd-swap
  ad4p4 2tb freebsd-zfs (to use as raidz2)

same for ad5.  ad6 and ad7 have only p1 to join the raidz2.

but i can not build the boot zfs mirror because i can not follow the
destructions at

because fixit/dist is a world where i can not mount the zfs pool because
/ is read-only md0.  so i can not set up the bootable zfs mirror system.

and, to add to the fun.  due to time pressure, i go to back off to my
old faithful hack of small gmirrored boot partitions with big zfs.  i dd
whomp the base drives (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da4 count=1000000).  but
it seems not to stomp them.  the sysinstall fdisk partiton editor keeps
seeing ad4p[1-4]!

coffee or sleep, tough call.


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