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Tue May 19 22:27:55 UTC 2009

+-------[ Marcel Moolenaar ]----------------------
| On May 19, 2009, at 10:33 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
| >>If you have done a chroot then you need to make sure devfs is also
| >>mounted within it
| >>
| >>mount -t devfs devfs /dist/dev
| >
| ><doh>  thanks.
| >
| >Fixit# gpart create -s gpt /dev/ad4
| >gpart: geom 'ad4': File exists
| >
| >Fixit# gpart create -s gpt ad4
| >gpart: geom 'ad4': File exists
| >
| >sorry to be such a pita
| Try and read the feedback (i.e. error) you get and
| interpret it. Close your email program for a second
| and stop typing alrady. Use your brain!
| Ok, so you get an error and the error tells you that
| something exists already. It says "geom 'ad4'" and
| not "device 'ad4'", so let's not take "File exists"
| literally and wonder if it's /dev/ad4. A simple ls(1)
| should eliminate any doubts there.
| So, maybe there's already some partitioning on the
| disk?  Hmmm, how to find that out. Tough one...
| Hang on, let's do:
| 	gpart show ad4
| What does that say?

Instead of having to send multiple snide emails like this about it, why
not just make the error message more descriptive and less BSOD-like?

Surely fixing the error messages would take less time than dealing with
the emails...

Andrew Milton
akm at

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