[Call For Testing] VirtualBox for FreeBSD!

Artem Belevich fbsdlist at src.cx
Thu May 14 23:03:34 UTC 2009

>> * VirtualBox needs /proc mounted, otherwise it fails to start.
>> * Kernel module must be loaded with "kldload vboxdrv"
> - From my mail:
> Some notes before you can test the port:
> Make sure you are using RELENG_7 or higher. You have
> to use a fresh portstree with uptodate ports!! Please
> read carefully the pkg-messages.

Oops. Indeed it warns about /proc and kernel module. I guess I just
was too eager to get VirtualBox running to pause and read

> Maybe is here the problem you link to devel/kbuild.

As I explained, kbuild that comes with the port does not work for me.
And I *do* have compat6-amd64 installed. Apparently I'm not alone. See
Benoit's email in this thread.

Here's what needs to be added to /etc/libmap.conf in order to make
supplied libraries work:
libpthread.so.2 libthr.so.2

I'll re-do the build with supplied kbuild and see if that makes any difference.

In any case, I appreciate all the work you and others have done to get
VirtualBox on FreeBSD running.


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