Feedback and Questions Updating to CURRENT

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.current at
Tue May 12 16:53:13 UTC 2009

On Monday 11 May 2009 02:29:38 Jon Loeliger wrote:

> >     pkgdb -Fu && portupgrade -fa
> >
> > or:
> >
> >     portmaster -fa
> And confusingly here, there's no indication as to why I might
> pick one or the other, nor the pros and cons of either, nor
> if having picked one, I could use the other later.

portmaster is superior when crossing major release boundaries as it has no 
dependencies other then /bin/sh, while portupgrade uses ruby and bdb.

> A "use the defaults" configuration for totally non-interactive
> build would have been my expectation here.  Will I need to
> babysit this whole build now?  Yep.

Nope. Again, portmaster will present you with all options before you go to 
dinner and when confronted with an interactive port will tell you before it 
starts to build and allows you to eat.
Adding -m '-DBATCH' to portmaster will also silence any confirmation 
questions. These are not considered interactive ports, because of this fact 
that BATCH compiling can turn them off. Ports marked interactive 
(IS_INTERACTIVE=yes) have no sane or legally valid default (accepting a 
license for example).


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