Feedback and Questions Updating to CURRENT

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sun May 10 23:35:18 UTC 2009

Jon Loeliger wrote:
> So, I wonder if X was hosed and also needed to be updated, etc.
> In fact, shouldn't I have to re-install a bunch of ports now?
> Shouldn't a pointer a the end of Chapter 24 suggest going and
> redoing some packages or ports?

In theory, your old software should run
fine, even with a new world and kernel, although
a few things may need slight reconfiguration
due to changed device/driver names, etc.

But it does probably make sense to update everything.
/usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade is your friend
  $ portupgrade -af --batch
shouldn't take more than a day or two, depending
on what you have installed.

Caveat:  If you update anything, you'll probably
have to update everything.  Otherwise, you'll
end up with some things linked against old libc
and others linked against new libc, which breaks


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