latest rc.subr breaks etc/rc.d/sendmail

Gregory Shapiro gshapiro at
Sun Mar 16 23:16:19 PDT 2008

> Can you take a look at the following patch please?

The patch looks good, I just found some minor issues:

1. In /etc/rc.d/sendmail, rename sendmail_precmd to sendmail_prestart
   for consistency?

2. /etc/rc.d/sendmail-msp-queue doesn't need to set start_precmd
   or define a sendmail_prestart() function as the MSP queue runner
   doesn't use the aliases file (yes, this was a bug in the old

3. Both /etc/rc.d/sendmail-outbound and /etc/rc.d/sendmail-submit are


   (yes, this was also a bug in the old /etc/rc.d/sendmail).

4. Putting sendmail.subr in /etc/mail/ seems a bit odd. /etc/mail/
   is meant for MTA configuration, not startup subroutines.  Perhaps
   /etc/rc.sendmail.subr or /etc/sendmail.subr for consistency with

5. This line in /etc/defaults/rc.conf:

   # Settings for /etc/rc.sendmail and /etc/rc.d/sendmail:

   should be updated to:

   # Settings for /etc/rc.sendmail and /etc/rc.d/sendmail*:

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