how to design a tablet driver?

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Marcus von Appen wrote:
> On, Fri Mar 07, 2008, Joakim Fogelberg wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:59 AM, Daniel O'Connor <doconnor at> wrote:
>>>  What about the Linux Wacom project?
>> It seems that Bartosz Fabianowski has started a port, according to this mail:
> Unfortunately he's missing in action lately, but promised to make up a
> clean driver tree later or so, so it can receive further development . I
> hope to get the stuff soon as I really would like to have a decent
> support for the Wacom Graphire USB series.
> Regards
> Marcus

Hmm, I just tripped across this mail, and I guess I must have missed the
earlier ones, cause my raison d'etre (if I can spell this right, which is
highly doubtful) has been to get my Graphic tablet, from UC-Logic, the
WP8060-TAB08, to work, and this is a very interesteding thread.  I have
already written the Linux-Wacomm list, and you know what they came up with?
 It's their contention that there's already a USB driver for the Wacom
tablet, and if it can be found, WITH the source code, then a study of that
code would do me a great deal of good.  Well, I can't find anyu such
driver, so I was hoping that some of the wiser heads on this list might
know of such a gizmo, and be willing to point me towards it.

Or, alternatively, I am trying to hunt any kind of Xinput driver for
any piece of equipement that is abolute, and not relative.  Finding an
Xinput driver for a Wacom tablet would be pure gold, at least if source
code coujld be gotten at.

I would truly be in your debt if you could find such a thing
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