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Vadim Goncharov wrote:
> Hi!
> 7.0-RELEASE images came out with FIVE disks - disc 1 to 3 and separate LiveFS
> and docs. What do they contain? I can guess that 2 and 3 are pure packages so
> I don't need to download them if I want to compile out from ports. And in
> previous releases I had to download the disc1 ONLY as it had LiveFS also -
> a very good improvement since 4.x times where disc2 with only LiveFS, mostly
> useless all the time, took separate disk.
> But now release announcement says that for LiveFS I need TWO disks - both
> disc1 and livefs disk. WHY? Why not to pack they both to a single disc1,
> this was very comfortable.
> I suspect this separation is due to sizes od docs etc. - but CD drives can now
> handle even 700 MBs of data, and disc1 for i386 occupies only 509M, though
> disc2 is 694M, yes.
> May be it is desirable to compress docs and other base system parts with
> bzip2 -9 instead of gzip?
> P.S. And may be it is good also to resurrect miniinst disk for
> Depenguinator project? :)

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