RELEASE discs & ISO images (for future)

Vadim Goncharov vadim_nuclight at
Fri Mar 7 01:10:05 PST 2008


7.0-RELEASE images came out with FIVE disks - disc 1 to 3 and separate LiveFS
and docs. What do they contain? I can guess that 2 and 3 are pure packages so
I don't need to download them if I want to compile out from ports. And in
previous releases I had to download the disc1 ONLY as it had LiveFS also -
a very good improvement since 4.x times where disc2 with only LiveFS, mostly
useless all the time, took separate disk.

But now release announcement says that for LiveFS I need TWO disks - both
disc1 and livefs disk. WHY? Why not to pack they both to a single disc1,
this was very comfortable.

I suspect this separation is due to sizes od docs etc. - but CD drives can now
handle even 700 MBs of data, and disc1 for i386 occupies only 509M, though
disc2 is 694M, yes.

May be it is desirable to compress docs and other base system parts with
bzip2 -9 instead of gzip?

P.S. And may be it is good also to resurrect miniinst disk for
Depenguinator project? :)

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