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Peter Ross wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
> On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I'm suggesting this because I'm very, very confused as to how I would
>> figure out what the screen size is for a vty.  If I gotta do a absolute gig
>> on a bty, then I gotta find some way to ask the size of the cry, and get me
>> driver in the list of those to be notified if the size of a vty changes.
> I am not really an expert in this area.
> For personal interest I looked yesterday into the libvgl (e.g. 
> VGLMouseStatus(1) and the other functions mentioned there). It seems to 
> cooperate with syscons including mouse support.
> Somehow (for me "by magic" - I do not know how) Xorg seems to recognize a 
> system mouse that is configured for the terminal. If someone explains this 
> magic it may be helpful for you.
> My interest came from another angle. I tried to find out whether FreeBSD's 
> infrastructure does not support displaying of more than one VTs at the 
> time, as someone claimed. I would like to configure my laptop to use the 
> small internal monitor as a text console while the external monitor is 
> serving X.

The way that whatever X11 system you choose (there is XFree86 and Xorg) do
their hookups to multiple monitors has nothing whatever to do with FreeBSD.
 Understand, you're asking something like if your Chevy supports the use of
boats.  Your Chevy might have a towing bar for use with the boat, but it's
not directly supported, and you wouldnn't expect and *honest* Chevy dealer
(I think there are some, must be) to tell you anything about how their cars
support some boat or other.

BTW, in fact, you can rather easily get multiple monitors to work with Any
system using X11, and that happens to include FreeBSD, you understand?

> Regards
> Peter
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