how to design a tablet driver?

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Wed Mar 5 18:44:10 PST 2008

Hi Chuck,

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Chuck Robey wrote:

> I'm suggesting this because I'm very, very confused as to how I would
> figure out what the screen size is for a vty.  If I gotta do a absolute gig
> on a bty, then I gotta find some way to ask the size of the cry, and get me
> driver in the list of those to be notified if the size of a vty changes.

I am not really an expert in this area.

For personal interest I looked yesterday into the libvgl (e.g. 
VGLMouseStatus(1) and the other functions mentioned there). It seems to 
cooperate with syscons including mouse support.

Somehow (for me "by magic" - I do not know how) Xorg seems to recognize a 
system mouse that is configured for the terminal. If someone explains this 
magic it may be helpful for you.

My interest came from another angle. I tried to find out whether FreeBSD's 
infrastructure does not support displaying of more than one VTs at the 
time, as someone claimed. I would like to configure my laptop to use the 
small internal monitor as a text console while the external monitor is 
serving X.


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