build/installworld break under -j n for n>1

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Sun Jan 27 19:49:42 PST 2008

Mark Kirkwood <markir at> writes:
> Stefan Lambrev <stefan.lambrev at> writes:
> > But do not forget the mergemaster.
> Right - I neglected to put in the mergemaster -p step before
> installworld and deleteold/mergemaster ones afterwards...

'mergemaster -p' is very rarely needed, and will be mentioned in
UPDATING when it is.  It is only required when a new user or group is
added to the default passwd / group file and something will be chowned
or chgrped to that that user or group during installworld.  The last
time this happened was when the audit code was imported two years ago.

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