build/installworld break under -j n for n>1

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Sun Jan 27 17:33:36 PST 2008

Stefan Lambrev wrote:
>>> Just out of interest, is it actually correct to so this? I usually do:
>>> make buildworld
>>> make kernel
>>> reboot (single user etc)
>>> make installworld
> This is exactly what documentation suggest :)
> I personally have the habit to skip the reboot to single user step ;)
> But do not forget the mergemaster.

Right - I neglected to put in the mergemaster -p step before 
installworld and deleteold/mergemaster ones afterwards... but anyway, 
the  main point I wanted to highlight was world/kernel dependence, which 
fortunately was made clearly enough!

I typically update sources on my 7.0 box about 1-2 times per week, so 
I'm religiously following the procedure in UPDATING...  the reboot to 
single user mode means I have to walk to the other end of the house 
(where the 2 noisy servers hide out) to perform the 
mergmaster/installworld bits, so it is not too much of an issue (the 
thinking being better inconvenient and functional than fast and broken....)!



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