XEN and ZFS Status?

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Thu Jan 24 08:01:29 PST 2008

Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> EchoB <echobinary at gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi all :) Can anyone point me in the direction of any detailed docs or
>> perhaps just an answer on here re: production status of Xen and ZFS
>> when 7.0 is released? I have read somewhere that ZFS is experimental
>> at best, and wanted to confirm that. Also, using Xen would be a great
>> plus in a production environment.
> I use ZFS in production.
> Xen is currently not supported at all, AFAIK.

Would it be possible to have any more completely uninformed opinions on
Xen by people completely out of the loop on its development?


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