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Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> writes:
>> 1. Should people be allowed to code FreeBSD as a hobby (with or
>> without any financial reward)?  Oh course
> This is a retorical question that has nothing to do with changing
> the licensen.  (And so was the rest for that matter.)

It has everything to do with license issues because the current one
makes it so you have to work for some organization that pays your
bills to allow you to work on FreeBSD (either directly for them or
gives you the freedom of free time to do it)... this option is not
available to smaller contributing organizations and individuals
because the demands of making a living are such that they do not have
the time or money to do it for free... the only way to repair this is
add a clause that allows for direct fees for use of FreeBSD (I do not
want to take up a few pages explaining the why when it is in my blog
so I will leave the reason as an exercise for you)
> Ny scheme that depends on us changing the license is a non-starter
> for both practical (we'd need to get everybodys acceptance of that,
>  and piss of a large number of users who have cleared the BSD
> license with their laywers) and ideological (we don't want to
> create uncertainty about the well known and deeply established BSD
> license).
The revision I am suggesting does not change the nature of the license
such that it would invalidate such legal existing legal advice.  Other
great ideas through out history have also died due to refusal to adapt
to current situations.... i.e. a non-commercial BSD license makes
sense only if there is not a large user base relying on stuff to
continue working and that is currently the case.  As to fighting a
"loosing battle" that has never detered me in the past I have lost
some and won some.

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