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Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <47861AF9.1020608 at>, "Aryeh M. Friedman" writes:
>>> No, no, no, NO & NO F**KING WAY!
>> Which part of "(if any)" is not clear... i.e. the licensor is
>> completely free to waive the requirment (i.e. identical to the current
>> license)
> Which part of "no" was not clear ?
Since this is the most direct answer so out the many that arrived when
I was away I will answer it and let it serve as the answer for all
other messages:

1. Should people be allowed to code FreeBSD as a hobby (with or
without any financial reward)?  Oh course

2. Should we rely largely on donations (both small and large)?   This
is debatable but what is not debatable is there is a need for some
paid workers.   The only debate is the best way of paying their
salaries and other expenses.

3. Does the lack of the possibility of making some money lower the
possible pool of contributors?   I think the answer is obviously yes
(but obviously others disagree)

4. In the long term does such funding (and/or lack thereof) mechinism
distort the agenda of various developers communities?   Of course it
does to deny that fact is to deny basic economics.

5. Are my goals in this debate in someway based on personal
interest?   Only very indirectly in that wider adoption of the general
model I (and other members of the community that developed it) are
purposing will make marketing easier for anyone using the model...
more directly asking FreeBSD to consider the model both harms and
helps me economically... it helps because FreeBSD is the primary
development platform (and the one I use for almost everything else
except some light gaming) I use and the more robost it is the more
robost my products can be.... it harms me in that one my long term
commerical projects is a OS that would be a direct competitor of
fb/linux/mac os/windows thus it is in my interest to see weak competitors

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