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Bernd Walter wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 09:19:38AM -0500, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>> Dominic Fandrey wrote:
>>> Wilko Bulte wrote:
>>>> As far as I'm concerned: if a license like that comes to core
>>>> for a vote I would vote "No".
>>>> This thread seems to move from the concerns our German
>>>> friends have into a licensing debate.  I feel it would be
>>>> better if we could get back on track here.
>>> Agreed, this was never intended to become a license discussion.
>>> If changing the license would be the only solution, I would
>>> rather live with the problems than solving them.
>> It is not the only solution but it is the best long term one IMO
> No - it is not even a solution at all. If you force people to do
> something you get bad quality, which doesn't solve anything.

While that of course is the choice of indivual contributors I see no
reason to force it on every single one of them.    For example I think
nvidia is taking advantage of this by getting us to do work that only
benefits them at no cost to them,

> Really - FreeBSD is as free beer and this is intended. If you are
> happy with it and don't want to give something back it is fine. If
> you want to complain about the type or quality of free beer you
> should help getting it better.
I have done both... why would I be involved with the effort to
re-engineer the ports system (aka ports 2.0) [this is not the time or
place to reopen that debate so contact me privately if you have an
issue with it]

> Even bug reporting is helping to get it better, but if someone is
> handling your report you should at least be prepared to help in
> getting the required informations, otherwise you are just wasting
> time of other persons.

Doing non-commerical software we have that luxury but this would never
make it in the commericial world (worse comes to worse you send
someone out to the customers site to see first hand what the issue
is)... that is the point if FreeBSD is going to survive long term it
needs to become more professional IMO

Just a side note... I am working on making a OS thus it is not in my
personal interest to create a more competent competitor... I brought
the whole topic up because (clearly) I am a fanatic when it comes to
the model I am purposing [I am on the board of a non-profit whose goal
is to expand the use of the model].

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