FreeBSD's problems as seen by the community

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>  >
>  > Just a side question... if it is so complete why was there a need to
>  > modify the orginal UCB version?... specifically there is no reason not
>  > to discuss improvements.
> The modification that happened was to remove restrictions.
> What you propose is to add restrictions, which means that
> it would be less free.  That's a step backwards and will
> not happen.

Which are completely optional (adding options is always good)... as it
currently stands it makes the situation no real option except for
making the != in my signature into a ==

>  > If the root cause of the OP's issues is lack of interest in older code
> The OP's posting rather sounds like regression testing and
> QA needs to be improved.

Which are always unglamorous jobs and thus the least likelly to be
done without some kind of reward greater then a pat on the back.

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