a new way to hang 7.0

Andrew Atrens atrens at nortel.com
Tue Jan 8 12:31:45 PST 2008

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Ollivier Robert wrote:
> According to Elliot Finley:
>> -L has been hanging systems ever since it existed.  Don't use it.
> No, it has been hanging systems _temporarely_ during the creation of the
> snapshot, afterwards, it works.  If indeed, snapshot creation blocks, there
> is a problem, maybe there is not enough space?

I've only tried using -L once and this is exactly what happened to me. In a perfect
world dump would be able to figure out if there's enough space to make the snapshot
before attempting it.

At the time I was just using it to migrate to a new larger hd on my new laptop and
was single user, though I had all filesystems mounted rw. That last bit was probably
just laziness on my part. Anyways I read the manpage, tried -L, and it ran out of
space and hung my system. Seemed very ugly at the time.

Seems to me in many situations when one is using dump/restore one expects (or hopes)
that they'll be as robust as possible.

I hope that's enough of a report for dump's maintainer to take a quick try at reproducing
the problem.

I don't have any free cycles and won't have until the Fall :(

- --Andrew

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