Should we simply disallow ZFS on FreeBSD/i386?

Alexander Kabaev kabaev at
Mon Jan 7 15:12:45 PST 2008

On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 18:06:55 +0100
Peter Schuller <peter.schuller at> wrote:

> > That's it on my loader.conf and for months now I haven't seen a
> > panic. Why should I or anyone else happilly running ZFS on i386 be
> > denied of doing so?
> 100% agreement.
> If you want to go to extremes, require the user to put 
> zfs.zfs.run_on_32_bit_and_i_understand_i_am_an_idiot_and_this_is_not_recommended=1 
> in loader.conf, or else have the kernel panic by design on boot.
> But don't make it totally impossible without patching the source,
> *please*.
> Obviously the exception is if development for i386 stops such that it
> actually does not work. But disallowing it for artificial reasons...
> please leave things like that to proprietary hardware/software
> vendors trying to squeeze money of out consumers, and leave it out of
> a free operation system.

Just a note to put another '100% agreement' sign up. We have plenty of
other FSes which are half-cooked and can easily hurt people, but nobody
suggests removing them. Why ZFS should be singled out, it is in a way
better shape than most of them.

Alexander Kabaev
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