Should we simply disallow ZFS on FreeBSD/i386?

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Mon Jan 7 09:06:58 PST 2008

> That's it on my loader.conf and for months now I haven't seen a panic.
> Why should I or anyone else happilly running ZFS on i386 be denied of
> doing so?

100% agreement.

If you want to go to extremes, require the user to put 
in loader.conf, or else have the kernel panic by design on boot.

But don't make it totally impossible without patching the source, *please*.

Obviously the exception is if development for i386 stops such that it actually 
does not work. But disallowing it for artificial reasons... please leave 
things like that to proprietary hardware/software vendors trying to squeeze 
money of out consumers, and leave it out of a free operation system.

/ Peter Schuller

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