ServerWorks/Broadcom HT1000 chipset errata saga

Morten Strårup morten at
Wed Jan 2 09:50:53 PST 2008

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> BTW, I've had PCI-X problems with a Marvel MV88SX6081 SATA controller 
> on a M/B WITHOUT the HT1000 chipset (Tyan S2881UG2NR).  The M/B worked 
> flawlessly under 7.0-BETA1 & BETA2.  I added the Marvell controller 
> and EVERYTHING on the PCI-X bus flaked out.  I'm seeing Ierrs and 
> Oerrs (netstat -i) on the built-in bge interfaces, ZFS checksum errors 
> on disks attached to the Marvel controller, etc.
> I wasn't sure from reading the thread whether Soren thought the 
> problem went beyond the HT1000 chipset or not.  The problem seems to 
> manifest itself only when I use the disks attached to the Marvel 
> controller.  I'm applying the patch now to see if it fixes the problem.

For what it's worth as mentioned in this thread:

I've experienced things similar to what is mentioned in the HT1000 
Problem Report with an Nvidia Nforce 570 MCP SLI chipset.

In this message I've posted the output of pciconf -lv:

Kind regards

Morten Strårup

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