device uart - does it work for anybody with PCMCI card?

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Tue Jan 1 08:08:11 PST 2008

Vladimir Grebenschikov wrote:
> Hi ppl
> Can anybody confirm that device uart just works for some PCMCI card ? 
> I've tried with two different cards (both are different pccard celluar
> modems) and gets exactly same result.
> Device is detected, port can be open with any valid speed, but no any
> communication, or probably, no any replays from modem.
I see the same issue with "device uart" using a US Robotics Speedster 
28800 PCMCIA with 6.2-RELEASE. uart attaches, but I see the same 
symptoms as you.

Rebuilding the kernel with sio, puc, and pccard statically compiled 
results in the PCMCIA modem being detected as per onboard serial ports 
would be (this Thinkpad T43 only has an IR port), and the modem works OK.


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