why vimage?

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at infidyne.com
Tue Feb 26 19:13:56 UTC 2008

> some people have asked me why I would want vimage..
> The answer is because it allows you to do lots of things easily
> that are hard to do normally.

I find it strange that people would ask this. To me, this is the type of 
killer feature that I want to see in my favorite operating system, from a 
user/syadmin perspective. There are several reasons why jails are preferable 
to xen/vmware/etc. There are also several reasons why they are not. This 
project eliminates a good chunk of those latter reasons.

ipv6 support is long-awaited for me personally. The ability to provide more 
complete VPS functionality (including firewall rules) is most definitely 
desired. Arbitrary setups like the one you descripted are also useful (I have 
an actual use-case for this at home where I have not yet bothered connecting 
some equipment due to the complexity of doing it - vimage would help a lot).

I cannot comment on the commit policies or internal technical reasons for not 
including it yet, but you definitely have my "I want it" vote from the 
user/sysadmin perspective.

/ Peter Schuller

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