warning of pending commit attempt.

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Tue Feb 26 04:44:44 UTC 2008

At some stage in the next few weeks I will be trying to commit
Marco Zec's vimage code to -current. (only 'trying' not
for technical reasons, but political).

I'm making this announcement because this is sure to be a 
controversial move.

For those of you who do NOT know what it is, please go to
the following website:


This project has been going for a whle and has been in production
in its earlier versions in several places.

The current version referred to in the code is implemented in
a manner that allows it to be COMPILED OUT. so that those who
do not want the risk or teh performance gain/loss (yes it
surprisingly seems to actually speed up some things) can
compile it out and have a system that for all intents and
purposes, is as it is now.

what do we gain?
  Jail on steroids
  A framework that can be extended to other virtualisation avenues.
  The ability to have full virtual machines on almost any layout
  of physical hardware.

Why now?
   The code is in a shape where teh compiled out version of hte system 
is stable. In the compiled in version, it is functional
enough to provide nearly all of what people want. It needs people with 
other interests to adapt it to their purposes and use it so that it 
can become a solid product for future releases.

Solaris and Linux have seen what BSD can do with jails and have upped
the ante. it's time for FreeBSD to tak our jails to teh next logical

As it will be committed it does have some missing parts to the jigsaw, 
but it is complete enough that a system compiled in  this manner can
be fully functional and fully backwards compatible.

Basically no userland changes need be made to get the full effect.

I expect the usual  nay-sayers no matter what is proposed, but
I hope we can have a decent discussion about this..


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